About us

Brand name ILUMINA represents company ILUMINA WAX d.o.o., which was founded in 1992 and operated under the name Humanik Hit d.o.o. until mid 2010. We started as a local and exclusive paraffin wax distributor of one of the major Polish refineries. Gradually, we expanded our presence in the Slovenian market, so that we now hold a third of the local market. We have also been present in foreign markets from the very beginning, having entered the Croatian market in 1994. In 2000 we launched the brand Ilumina with the main purpose of encouraging profitable innovations and environmentally friendly development of industrial materials.


In 2005 we broadened our network of suppliers to other East and South European, as well as to Middle Eastern countries. Striving for continuous supply to our buyers, we furthermore established business relations with Asian suppliers in 2007 and introduced palm waxes to the Central European markets, an environmentally friendlier and more cost-effective alternative to paraffin wax.

Striving to meet our clients’ needs and further adapt to the constantly changing market situation, we invested extensively into our own production of paraffin waxes in 2012. We offered our products to the market in 2013 and received welcoming appraisal from our business partners. We’re continuously developing better wax formulations and steadily increasing our production output.

Our wax sales have seen a steady increase on a yearly basis, reaching 3.500 tons in 2012 - we sell about 200-450 t per month. Our market has grown, and now includes Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Poland, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Romania, Bolgaria and Malta.

We are committed to sourcing/developing waxes of highest quality and at competitive prices for specific industrial applications. Having extensive past experiences, knowing present needs and recognizing future trends in the field of waxes, oils and their application, we are in a position to offer quality consultation, and all-round guidance to our buyers. Closely cooperating with our buyers enables us to introduce improved and friendlier industry solutions for the buyers, end-consumers and the environment.

Strategic vision

  • Continuous adjustment to market changes
  • Cultivating genuine and supportive relationship with our partners
  • Developing new products and technologically improving already established products
  • Gradual replacement of presently used inputs with environmentally friendlier materials